イギリス・リーズ大学(協定校)のLive Promotional Sessionのお知らせ

Study Abroad at the University of Leeds - Promotional Session

リーズ大学(協定校)よりリーズ大学の留学を紹介するLive Promotional Sessionの案内がありました。

Live Promotional Session on Leeds

We will be hosting a live promotional session on Leeds for our partners and their students to find out more about the fantastic study abroad opportunities that are available at the University of Leeds. They will have the unique opportunity to hear first-hand student experiences and ask questions of a current University of Leeds student.

The details of our promotional session are as follows:

Study Abroad at the University of Leeds
Tuesday 27th October, 10:00 - 11:00am (GMT) (10月27日(火)19時-20時(日本時間))
Location: Microsoft Teams