採用情報(教育職員 Faculty Members)

現代教養学部 共通教育 第二外国語 所属:人文学科・日本文学専攻 専任講師または准教授、または教授 公募



現代教養学部 国際英語学科 国際英語専攻 外国人契約教育職員(准教授)公募
English-Speaking Associate Professor for a Contract Position of the Department of English

The Department of English at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University is seeking an English-speaking associate professor for a contract position to begin on 1 April 2021. Field of Specialization: Cultural Studies or a related field. Please look at the attached guidelines. Application and documents must be received by November 12, 2020. This is for another position different from the one whose submission deadline was September 15.