• Study Abroad
  • University of Wollongong
  • What was the most impressive experience?
    One of the most impressive experiences to me while studying abroad is to talk about life with the professor of Japanese studies. She always listens to my stories and gives me appropriate advice, so I often visit her during office hours. The distance between professors and students is greater in Japan. I really appreciate her cooperation in Japanese events and for writing a recommendation letter for me.
  • What do you want to try in the rest of your stay?
    I became very interested in Australia's multicultural society and came to want to know and research more about it after coming here, so I decided to do an internship at a Japanese government organization researching multicultural society in Sydney, starting next semester. Furthermore, I will take on more advanced subjects compared to last semester. In addition, regarding my living arrangements, I'm going to move from the university dormitory to a share house, so I hope to do my best looking after myself.
  • What is the most crucial thing in preparation before leaving Japan?
    I don't think it is crucial, but I highly recommend taking a class or getting a chance to write essays in English if you haven't done it before studying abroad. In my case, I had no experience of writing essays in English beforehand, so my first essay was very difficult to write. Lastly, I think having a positive attitude towards cross-cultural understanding is more vital than English comprehension. Speaking English is, of course, an important asset, but language is only a tool. The most important thing is not the ability to speak the country's language but to accept and understand cultural differences. My opinion is that it is best to have knowledge about differences among countries before studying abroad.