• Study Abroad
  • Shaghai International Studies University
  • What was the most memorable/impressive experience?
    The most impressive experience was studying Chinese everyday with my classmates who came from various countries. Whenever I talked to them, I used Chinese. Through talking, I was able to understand culture of each country.
    Almost all of my classmates went back to their countries, but we still keep in touch.
  • What was your proudest accomplishment during your stay?
    My proudest accomplishment during my stay was being able to receive a prize for excellent students at the last semester. When my Chinese class started, I was surprised that my classmates already spoke Chinese so fluently. I thought I should change the class, but I didn't. Instead, I studied hard every day for improving my Chinese. So, I was so pleased to be able to get this prize.
  • What was the biggest hardship you faced?
    The biggest hardship I faced was food. I felt it hard to choose healthy meals. I have lived in China with my family before, so until I went to Shanghai I thought I had known about Chinese life style and didn't have to worry about it. But, actually I faced a lot of difficulties. Through this studying abroad, I found that my parents had always helped me. I thank everyone who supported me during studying abroad.