• Study Abroad
  • University of Essex
  • What was your proudest accomplishment during your stay?
    I got high assessment for my essays on which I spent plenty of time and effort. And eventually I have passed all my classes. While writing them I sometimes thought I might not be able to finish my essays by the due date and possibly fail the classes. But, it was true that hard work pays off.
  • What skill did you gain the most (academically or socially)?
    My experiences during student abroad gave me more developed communication skills and initiatives. In terms of study, I had opportunities to study deep areas of my major which gave me a wide range of knowledge.
  • What was the biggest hardship you faced?
    I struggled to find bibliographies, and to read, understand and summarize them for my essays and exams. Because a couple of books were not enough at all, I needed to read many books. That means I needed much more time and effort than local students to get good scores.