• Study Abroad
  • Presbyterian College
  • What was the most memorable experience?
    Buzzer Beat! I went to see a basketball game with my friends. Our team, the team of my university, was losing... but we couldn't give up supporting and kept cheering. In the middle of the game our team was getting better and then equalized. Finally! The team member hit a jumper at the buzzer. We won!!! The game is the most memorable and moving game. I experienced the authentic basketball in U.S.
  • What was your proudest accomplishment during your stay?
    Success of a play. I took a theater class, so I had to make a scenario and play with a group. All of my group members were American. It was hard to talk because my English was so terrible. But I wanted to talk with them. I found topics of common interests and tried to talk to. I came to build good relationships. When we succeeded the play at the end, I felt a sense of accomplishment.
  • What skill did you gain the most?
    A way of thinking about social problem of U.S., especially a gap depending on race. Of course I had known the gap is bigger in U.S. than Japan before I went to U.S., but I didn't know it is such a wide. I learned the problem from my experience but not from reading or hearing. I have been interested in this gap since I studied abroad, and my graduation thesis is about the economic gap depending on race. Now I can make the most of my experience.