• Study Abroad
  • Presbyterian College
  • What was your proudest accomplishment during your stay?
    During my Presbyterian life, I wrote many essays. These were too hard for me, so I went to office hours again and again. Writing essays were very challenging, but I accomplished it and got a credit!
  • What was the most memorable experience?
    The most memorable experience was church meetings. I went there every Wednesday. People at the church were very nice to me. For example, not only the meetings but I also went to some parties and hiking with my church friends. I got many opportunities to talk with people and experience American culture.
  • What was the biggest hardship you faced?
    The biggest hardship was a dormitory life. I stayed at an international dormitory. There were many international students and local students. Each student had each culture, so living together was not easy. But I felt the dormitory life was also interesting and enjoyable for me.