• Study Abroad
  • California State University, Fullerton
  • What is the most memorable/impressive experience?
    The most memorable experience is a party at my classmate's home on Thanksgiving Day. I was invited to my American friend's house and met her family. I went to see a movie, played games and had wonderful dinner with them. I had a good time with my friend and her family. Thanksgiving Day is an important day for Americans, so I was glad to participate in the party and communicate with them in the precious day in America. On that day, I was glad that my effort to actively make friends with my classmates had brought me a great experience.
  • What was the biggest hardship you faced?
    At first, I couldn't keep up in my class because of lack of my English skills. So, I went to office hours so many times and asked questions again and again. It was hard for me because I had to use English even when asking questions and understanding answers. However, my teachers were very kind, so I was able to do my best for all the classes.
  • What skill did you gain the most (academically or socially)?
    I learned the importance of making opportunities to do something such as speaking English and communicate with my classmates actively. At first, I had few friends, but I tried to talk to my classmates about studying when I had to study for Midterm. Or, I made friends through my house mates. I can say the same things about class. When I learned in the class positively, all teachers and students helped me, so I think it's also important not to be shy.