• TWCU Summer Programs
  • United Nations
  • What skill did you gain the most (academically or socially)?
    I think that I could learn world issues such as PKO, human rights, SDGs and the relationships between Japan and foreign countries in lectures. In addition to these academic things, I think what I gained the most from this experience is competence to think and have own opinions. Besides, through the lectures and meetings with staff members working at the United Nation, I felt that we should diversify our viewpoints.
  • What was the biggest hardship you faced?
    The biggest hardship for me was to understand technical contents of international relations in English and to ask questions. At the UN, half of the lectures were in English, so I worried about whether I could comprehend them. Actually, they were not easy for me, but the escorting teacher corrected our English questions before leaving Japan. Moreover, I thought that it was very important to participate aggressively without fear through this experience.
  • What is the most crucial thing in preparation before learning Japan?
    It is important to study background information before leaving Japan. We had advance lectures about the UN and some important world issues for three days before leaving. It really helped me to understand at the UN. Moreover, we discussed some contents with my friends in those lectures, so we could improve our knowledge and opinions beforehand. My major in TWCU is not international relations, so the advance lectures were very important for me.