• TWCU Summer Programs
  • Shanghai International Studies University
  • What is the most memorable/impressive experience?
    The most impressive thing is the dirtiness of restrooms. Of course, not all restrooms were dirty, but I was often confused by dirty restrooms. However, I realized that common things for Japanese people including me are not common things for people in other culture. We should not to think like "which culture is superior?" I learned that the most important thing is to accept.
  • What was the biggest hardship you faced?
    I had experienced difficulties in communication in Chinese when I first arrived in Shanghai. I felt it was so hard to use Chinese outside of the class; for example, when I ordered at restaurant or when I asked about school activities at the office. Sometimes I got shocked because I was not able to do things that I could have done effortlessly in Japan. Speaking Chinese was the only method to communicate with people who couldn't speak English. Therefore, I tried to tell things in some way. This experience gave me a motivation to try to communicate in different languages.
  • What was your proudest accomplishment during your stay?
    My proudest accomplishment is that my Chinese have become smoother than before. I realized that when I communicated with my teacher who had taught me Chinese once a week. To be honest, I didn't feel a sense of accomplishment during my stay because I was struggling to get used to the Chinese-using environment. I had acquired Chinese more than I expected. I was happy and the happiness is the source of my motivation of studying Chinese.