• TWCU Spring Programs
  • Study Tour
  • What skill did you gain the most (academically or socially)?
    Through the experience of this Study Tour in UK, I understood a sense of value and history consciousness of the British, which are in the background of British fantasy literature. During this tour, I many times encountered things and people that value and respect British tradition: a lot of volunteer organizations, contributions to environmental and heritage conservation, large meadows and green belts keeping beautiful landscape, and also people living in countryside protecting their old houses. In contrast, the scenery from the bus window turned different in London with a number of tall buildings. In some British fantasy literature, we can see conflicts between tradition-oriented values and a modern sense which focus on efficiency and rationality. I thought they come from the actual British climate and historical consciousness. It is meaningful for me to understand these contrastive concepts experientially.
  • What is the most memorable/impressive experience?
    The most impressive experience was visiting old houses in countryside. Diana-san,Lucy M. Boston's daughter-in-law, Sally-san, Philippa Pearce's daughter, and Professor Watson - they have old houses in countryside. Though old houses cost a lot and living in them is inconvenient, they have kept their life styles there. I thought there must be something important. Lucy M. Boston enjoyed gardening, loving dogs, making patchworks, painting, and music. By actually experiencing some part of them, I thought "true wealth" lies in such a life style, even though it might be judged as nonproductive in the light of modern efficiency or rationality. I found the British fantasy literature is based on such peaceful and thoughtful activities and that not only becomes entertainment but made us think about our life deeply.
  • What is the most crucial thing in preparation before leaving Japan?
    The most crucial thing in preparation before leaving Japan is reading books related to the places where you visit. By actually visiting those places, I was truly surprised at the richness of the writers' imagination. Without reading the books, it might have been difficult to have such a special impression from those places. Knowing the world of the fantasy novels better makes your trip much more special.