• Study Abroad
  • University of Alberta
  • What was the most memorable/impressive experience?
    I had a lot of good memories, but the best memory is when I went to the ice castles with my friends in Canada. I remember that it was really cold outside and my hands had been numb, but, at the same time, I felt I could have experienced real "Canada". It was really fun taking pictures in front of beautiful ice castles with them.
  • What was your proudest accomplishment during your stay?
    I got an award called Sunshine Award that is for the person who contributed to making the atmosphere of the dorm good by communication and smile in the dorm. Since only one person can receive this award a year out of two hundred eighty residents, I didn't expect that I could get it. I was very proud that my effort to communicate with every people in the dorm bore fruit.
  • What skill did you gain the most (academically or socially)?
    I personally think I could improve cross-cultural communication skills. During my stay in Canada, I had learned a lot of cultural differences between Canada and Japan. I especially noticed the way I communicate with Japanese people was different from how I communicate with English-speaking people. In short, I obtained cross-cultural communication skills by understanding that adapting to the environment is important for better communication with people abroad.