• Study Abroad
  • Valparaiso University
  • What are you putting your most effort into right now?
    Improving my English, learning a third language a bit, and pondering my life plan. I traveled to several countries where I had wished to visit. Getting to know about those countries was fascinating enough to make me feel like acquiring new languages spoken there. In terms of my plan, I am still debating which way to go either job hunting or studying. I ended up making myself back home in Japan due to the COVID-19 pandemic and giving up my previous plan. This pain literally taught me a lesson: "You should take an action as much as possible so that you don't miss the chance ". Thus, in either way, I will make it next time, hopefully.
  • What skill did you gain the most (academically or socially)?
    Communication skill could perhaps be the best one. I was under a huge amount of pressure from attending actual classes with native speakers for the first part of my program, still, this concentration for the class gave me not only comprehensive and pragmatic knowledge in the field but also diverse encounters with a bunch of friends beyond the confines of the country. In addition to lots of assigned group work that demanded a collaboration skill with others, experiencing with those varieties of people from different backgrounds let me gain new perspectives. In total, cross-border interactions were integral throughout the 2 semesters!
  • What was the most memorable/impressive experience?
    Visiting my friend's house during the vacation (Thanksgiving week, to be specific) was the most unforgettable experience. Shopping, skiing, planning movie nights and making ginger bread houses... through those activities with friends, I could deepen my understandings of their culture & unique ideas and came to realize how the stereotypes of "Americans" are advertised exaggeratedly in Japan. Also, as my professor gave me a piece of advice like "Surely you'd learn so much to be here, but at the same time you can tell us about you", we, me and friends, were able to passionately exchange our thoughts. Going somewhere without my title/belongings let me think who I really am and what Japanese society is like.