• Exchange Student
  • Sungshin University → TWCU
  • What was the most memorable/impressive experience?
    Dormitory life! It is the first time for me to live alone away from my family because I went to school from my parents' house in Korea. Taking care of myself is harder than I thought. I have to make every meal and clean my room. Living by myself is more difficult because I relied on my family for many things in Korea, but it is fun to get to know about myself. I feel like I find new me every day and I am taking an adventure. Also, I am not lonely because I have friends who live together in the dormitory. We cook for each other and have birthday parties. I am looking forward to what kind of fun memories I can make with my friends in the future.
  • What was the biggest hardship you faced?
    Before coming to study abroad, I thought I could make various friends and communicate with them, and immerse myself in the daily life in Japan. But, the pandemic of COVID-19 broke everyone's daily life and I'm very sad about it.
  • What do you want to try in the rest of your stay?
    As much as the pandemic of COVID-19 has restricted many activities, so much has become possible over the Internet. Therefore, I can go anywhere from where I sit, including various job events that I couldn't muster up my courage for my poor Japanese skills and concerts that I couldn't go because of a lack of seats. Also, as a student majoring in service design engineering, I can think of various ideas about services using the Internet. I want to create opportunities without hesitation in impossible situations.