• TWCU Summer Programs
  • United Nations
  • What was your most memorable/impressive experience?
    Personally, I was surprised that all staff members working at the UN were modest and friendly. In addition, I felt they had a strong sense of justice and they were highly motivated for their job.
    In the last lecture of all, we talked about working in the UN as a woman and what abilities are required. For the first time, I learnt the UN was the place where women could work easily. For example, they can take maternity leave and don't need to work overtime. Besides, I realized that having confidence in myself was important, and challenging was more vital than doing nothing. Everything was so meaningful for me.
  • What was the most crucial thing in preparation before leaving Japan?
    What we could do is to research what kind of activities the each UN agency does. Also, I personally think it is very important to study poverty around the world, discrimination against women, and armament all over the world beforehand. This is because most of the lectures we took included these problems. Moreover, I believe researching the strong and weak points, as well as problems the UN facing by reading books is useful to gain a better understanding of the UN.
  • What skill did you gain the most (academically or socially)?
    After coming back to Japan, I came to read the articles which are relevant to the UN. What is more, I am more interested in world peace, educational opportunities of children who live in countries suffering from poverty, and social customs of each country. Having known the people tackling these difficult problems in all seriousness, I often think of what I would do if I worked in the UN and faced these difficulties. Also, I realized the importance of willingness to take on challenges.