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Research Story


How do people shape and develop their own self in different cultural contexts?


Mayumi KARASAWA, Ph.D.
Department of Communication


 When you are in school, you are learning about academic knowledge as well as implicit curriculum, such as how you communicate with teachers, how you relate to your friends.


In the project of Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited, three of us, Chinese, American, Japanese researchers, visited schools in three cultures to find invisible curriculum in school to understand cultural learning or development.


 We first visited Shanghai and Kunming in 2000. Then we went back to China in 2002 and saw their enormous changes as well as deep aspects of their cultural beliefs about children.
  • Professer Mayumi KARASAWA, Ph.D.

    Department of Communication

    My research focuses on the role of self in regulating behavior and on the ways in which the culture shapes the self.
    My work examines how cultures, including those of nation or region of origin, gender, social class, race, ethnicity, religion, and occupation, shape thought, feeling, and action through one's development.

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