Tokyo Woman's Christian University

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  1. Chapel and Auditorium
  2. Main Building (Nitobe Historical Center)
  3. Building No. 6 (Classrooms)
  4. Building No. 7 (Classrooms)
  5. Building No. 1 (Office)
  6. Building No. 18 (Counseling Service)
  7. Building No. 2 (School, Cafeteria, Office, International Exchange Center, Career Center)
  8. Building No. 3 (Classrooms)
  9. Building No. 24 (Tetsu Yasui Memorial Hall)
  10. Building No. 4 (Research facilities, Empowerment Center, Center for Information Science)
  11. Building No. 23 (Classrooms and Research facilities)
  12. Building No. 8 (Research facilities)
  13. The Library
  14. Building No. 11 (Students Hall)
  15. Building No. 9 (Classrooms)
  16. Athletic Field
  17. Building No. 51 (Classrooms, Center for Clinical Psychology)
  18. 1972 Building (Alumni Association)
  19. Tennis Courts
  20. Sakura Ryo ("Sakura" Dormitory)
  21. Kaede Ryo ("Kaede" Dormitory)
  22. Building No. 25 (Gymnasium)
  23. Yasui Memorial Building (Christian Center)
  24. Building No. 16 (Foreign Faculty House and InInstitute for Research on Women and Gender)
  25. Reischauer House (International Exchange Center)
  26. Student Activities Building


Location 2-6-1 Zempukuji, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-8585, Japan
Access Location/Access
Campus Site Area 94,914.00 ㎡
Building Area School building:36,638.25 ㎡
Auditorium:1,336.09 ㎡
Library:5,762.86 ㎡
Gymnasium:2,731.86 ㎡
Dormitory:8,709.24 ㎡
Other:2,660.06 ㎡

Facility introduction

International Exchange Center

The International Exchange Center aims to promote academic and cultural exchanges with foreign universities, and educational and research institutions. Faculty and staff members of the center provide support for students who wish to study abroad, and for students from overseas studying at the University. The center also conducts study tours to overseas universities.

Career Center

The purpose of the Career Center is to guide students to live a fulfilled life. The center offers various programs that help students accomplish their goals and find their desired career path throughout their four years in the university.

Empowerment Center

The Empowerment Center encourages our graduates' self-establishment and social participation. The center works as a place to empower their own possibilities for not only our graduates but all women who want to contribute to society through their work and/or community activities. Since 2015, the center has taken over the Women Researchers Support Project which supports women researchers and aspiring researchers.

Center for Information Science

The Center for Information Science is equipped with computers that are easy to use and highly secure. The use of these terminals is not limited to official classes or seminars but is available for any purpose. In addition, stable Internet access is available from the center as well as from most of the classrooms and the Students Hall via both wired and wireless LANs.

The Library

Well-equipped to provide extensive support for students' educational and general development, the university library has facilities to enable students to stay for extended periods.

Center for Clinical Psychology

The Clinical Psychology Center was set up in 2009 as a place of training and practice for the graduate students in the Clinical Psychology program in the university. As a part of social contribution, the center is opened to the local community as well to provide consultation and counseling.

Sakura Dormitory

Sakura Hall was opened in April, 2016 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the university. It is an international residence and aims to be a hub of international exchange. Students with different nationalities enjoy living together in this newest hall.

Kaede Dormitory

This traditional Kaede Hall was opened in 1984. It consists of single rooms and is managed by the resident committee. From generation to generation, the committee and students cooperate with each other to create a homey environment.

Christian Center

The Christian Center promotes a moral education based on Christianity, which is one of the university's priorities. It organizes "Christian Week" twice a year, daily worship, worship through musical activities, and volunteer activities. The center also routinely holds Bible study groups and reading circles to support student life and growth. The center plays an important role in cultivating in students the special value of human beings, with a particular focus on Christianity.